July 28, 2014

It’s been a long reflective week. It seems so crazy to me that we my generation of siblings and cousins are becoming the seniors in our family. How could that be? Where has the time gone?  We were the kids happy and carefree at our family gatherings. My mom and dad, aunts and uncles were the seniors! Now we bring the food, and sit around the table talking, while the “kids” are getting a game plan together to go out somewhere.

My grandson recently asked me if I thought about being old when I was his age.  Yep…… I guess to him  I’m old.  And no … I did not think about getting old – I did think about getting older. Old enough to drive, go on dates, work and have my own money, etc. But getting old nah….. I told him you never think about being old until you are actual old!  Although recently retired, noticing a little stress in my knees, lack of desire/or need to go out on the weekends just because it’s the weekend, I still don’t give a lot of thought to being older. I try not to be cliché with the infamous saying “age is but a number” because sometimes age is a realty and you have to face it straight on in times like these when you have to say goodbye to yet another loved one who you’ve considered a senior in your family.

I’m just rambling so I will stop here. As my mom says “Just keep living you will see”

Love, Peace and Sooul!   You only get that if you are of a certain age!  LOL

July 22, 2014

Today was my baby grandson’s ninth birthday. He and his big brother celebrated this past weekend with a family cookout/party. He’s ecstatic because he received a little cell phone. He’s been calling everyone he can think of and for him that’s a limited number of people. I’ve gotten about 3 of 4 calls so far.

Today has also marked another death in my family. My uncle – my Dad’s baby and much loved brother, made his transition heaven. Although we know he was diagnosed with cancer of the knee never heard of that before. My brothers visited with him the night before and thought even though he had some pain he was doing well – so you can imagine their surprise when notified the next morning that he had died. When diagnosed with the illness he chose not to do the chemotherapy but to just do the comfort care therapy. My heart goes out to my cousins. I truly know the path they’re walking right now is not an easy one. I still mourn my dad’s passing and have been rather anxious about the upcoming one year reminder.

For my siblings and me my uncle was the “favorite uncle” that was always present in our life doing our growing up years. He and my Dad were close. Having lost their mother when my dad was about 13 and my uncle 2 or 3 years old, my dad always held him close and I guess you can say had a major hand in raising him.  Out of my Dad’s nine siblings there is only one left, he’s in a nursing home and suffering with dementia.

I honestly do not want to go through this whole process again! I don’t want to gather together with my siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews under these circumstances. I do not want to go to New England.  I do not want to say goodbye. I do not want to sit in the church we grow up in and the church my dad pastored until his death.  But in my head I hear my Dad telling me to go, to get over myself and support my family. I will make whatever sacrifice necessary to take the trip and represent my Dad in a positive manner at the “Home going Celebration” of his beloved youngest brother.


For me – Proverbs 3: 5-6



Another Year Old Today

Today it the Prince’s 14th birthday. I know at fourteen years old and the oldest with three younger siblings he feels far-removed from the little prince of the family. But to me, his parents and his paternal grandparents who by the way made a 13 hour trip to come celebrate his birthday he’s still our little well given his stature now a day make that our young man prince.

I have been blessed to be present for the births of all my grandchildren. All were very special, but his being the first, holds a unique place in my heart. Ok…. I could get all mushy – I’ll move it along. But first let me just say his mom and I have been hugging and kissing him the last couple of days leading up to this day. He’s been avoiding, resisting and trying not to be anywhere near either one of us. After any one of these spontaneous “we love you” sessions he can be heard mumbling “you two have issues”. Yesterday he finally acquiesced and went with the flow of the hugs and kisses.  Picture in your mind’s eye – a young man taller than both his mom the Semi Grown Woman and his grandmother the Grown Woman being grabbed hugged and kissed randomly throughout the day and night. We’ve been reminiscing about our first baby/grandbaby remembering like as they say – it was just yesterday his actual birth day and marveling how quickly time has passed.

I took him to his favorite restaurant for lunch yesterday and we did a little clothes shopping. He used to dislike getting clothes for birthday or Christmas but now…… he‘s thrilled to get shoes and/or clothes and of course anything electronic.  I learned early on while raising his mother that at this age our clothing taste are not alike even when you think you finally have their style down you don’t. So after lunch we went to the mall. I let him shop and pick out what he wanted. It was the right decision. Presently he appears to be in the “basic genre”, t-shirts  = solid colors and that would seem to be only black, grey, medium/dark blues, unadorned, no words, lettering  or graphics, no collared shirts, shorts = cargo or athletic only….. etc.!

Today I want to take a back seat and let him enjoy the bonding, pampering and being loved-on by his grandparents. As a matter of fact I think he’s out with his Dad right now doing “man stuff” and reveling in the time shared with his Dad without having to share it with his siblings.

Put another candle on your birthday cake you’re another year old today! Happy Birthday my Prince!

Teenager in the house!


My grandson will be 14 years old in less than a couple of weeks.  He’s quite a tall, handsome and a very bright young man. His humor/wit is dry which I love ‘cause mine is too. It’s hilarious when he says something he thinks is funny and goes to laughing even when we don’t join in the laugh– it’s as he says “I crack myself up”! What a weirdo. He’s my first grand and the love of my life. But!! He is a teenager!  I remember so clearly my daughter in her early teen years…. ugh!!! This is when they begin to loss their minds and do I can’t think of another words-t-u-p-i-d things.  Chores are done half heartily and incomplete.  When just a year or so ago they are begging to chores like wash dishes, dust, sweep the floor etc. but were too young.  Now that they are old enough there is groaning and moaning when asked to do the simplest thing. Listen skills seem to stop function for them. They didn’t hear or didn’t remember thing you told them to do or not do.

Thankfully this time around I’m the Grandmother. I can snicker at the crazy lame excuses given to the parents most by the way, I heard from their mother and before that probably used with my parents. The bible says it simply and clearly “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9 New Living Translation.  I also know from life experience that all this begins to turn around as they mature in age. My Mom the Grand Dame Grown Woman always says “Just keep living.”

A Grandmother can give love abundantly, comfort unconditionally, pray without ceasing, teach without detection, and watch without being seen.  With that all said ..…. a Grandmother can also send them home and/or escape to her own home whenever peace and quiet is in demand!

Gotta luv ‘em, Rejoice and be Glad!