New week…again

It’s the beginning of a new week. It seems like we’re heading into the month of October with 80 degree temperatures. I asked a couple of Hoosiers when we can expect autumn weather to show its cooler face around these parts. I got different answers. One said we may have a couple more weeks of this great weather. Another said to start pulling out sweaters and winter clothes because the weather is going to all of a sudden turn chilly any day now. The Weather Channel’s 10 day forecast gives us another four to five days of this beautiful weather then is begins to turn down but still in the pleasant realm 68 thru 74. Well I’m bracing myself and trying to keep good thoughts about my journey through another l-o-n-g winter season. I will reach back to my New England roots to not just survive the winter but to enjoy it too. So bring on Thanksgiving then a white Christmas a cold New Year’s Eve and on and on.  I’m looking forward to it……I think!

Maybe it’s working

This was my first week of chiropractic care. Interesting I must say, the back stretching, alignments and the roller table. What I can’t say is that I’m feeling 100% great since my two sessions. But maybe it’s working. I am sensing that I’m on the mend; these last two sessions have maybe made a difference. I’m looking forward to my next two sessions this coming week. And … did I mention there are massages included in my treatment program.  Woo…hoo! I love massages.  Next week I’m also going to take an introductory class in Pilates.  Check me out….changing my quality of life! The working thing is moving along just fine, I’m good with just three days per week or less. The weather has been unseasonably warm. When I was growing up in New England we called it Indian summer weather. So who’s thinking about boots and winter coats? These folk are still sporting sandals, shorts and tee shirts. Once the temperature begins to drop everyone will be out shopping for boots so my schedule will probably change to accommodate significantly more the shoppers.  Speaking of boots I’m trying to build a boot collection for myself. Oh the joys of employee discount!

New Week

Happy Monday – a new week begins. I’m so thankful for this brand-new opportunity.

I’ve been having conversations with friends who have had previous experience and some who are presently being treated by a chiropractor. I’ve been having some back, hip and neck pain. Since my friends have all expressed they’ve had positive chiropractic treatment outcomes. I’m going to give it a try. Although a couple of my friends did mention that they did not receive the care they needed from the first doctor visited they had to try two or three different doctors before finding the right fit for them.

Today I had my first ever visit with a Chiropractor. It was a very interesting and informative appointment. I do have a couple of treatable spine/hand issues he doesn’t see any irregularities in my hips. We began treatment with the stretching of my back, and some massaging of my hand that has been hurting for quite a number of months. I left the office with my hand feeling great but a little pain in my lower back pain I did not have before the appointment. I’m going back in a couple of days. Hopefully the next treatment takes care of the spot of pain I have now. Although I like the way this doctor communicates, explains, and educates and he has a gentle bedside manner; I’ve been advised by my experienced chiropractic friends that I should feel some level of “feel good” after the second visit.  If not ……!

Here’s what I learned today: Chiropractic is a health profession focused on treating spinal and musculoskeletal problems primarily through manual manipulation. A chiropractor does not prescribe medications, but rather relies on a variety of manual therapies, including spinal manipulation, mobilization, and adjunctive therapies, to improve function and provide pain relief for patients.


In my last post I mentioned my Ah-Ha moment. It was something so simple – not complicated, remarkable or brilliant. I’ve known this, talked about it but for some reason, when speaking of it this time it made perfect sense as to what’s going on in my grieving process.

My Dad passed in August of 2013. The events that followed his death were many, a whirlwind of activity the majority – life changing. That September I had a major surgery, I didn’t heal as quickly as I thought I would. I was sick in bed the entire 6 week recovery time. I felt remarkably better the seventh week and went back to work a week later. I worked just a few weeks – tying up loose ends and cleaning out my office. The first week in December I retired from my work then took off for the mid-west to spend the month of December with my Semi Grown Woman daughter, Handsome Son-in-law and four of the cutest grandchildren ever. Late December my daughter’s father’s illness took a bad turn and she had to rush back East to be when him. I stayed with the children. A totally new and scary experience! Me? Taking care of 4 children by myself!!! I survived to laugh about it later.

He passed mid-January. Again I didn’t deal with the gravity of it because I was downsizing, packing and getting ready to relocate to the mid-west in February. Moving in the middle of a winter storm had it advantages. I was unable to get around much of the time because of the snow so I that allowed me to stay put unpack, setup my new place and just unwinding in my cozy new apartment.

Looking back at all the major events that transpired from August 2013 to July/ August 2014 – when did I have time to grieve? When the one year memorial date approached my life had settled and found a daily pattern, and that’s when the grief took hold. AH-HA! I didn’t deal with my feelings I just stuff them away and keep it moving with all the major life events that were ahead of me.

The workshop it’s proving to be helpful to me, I’m seeing a clearer picture of how and why I didn’t grieve the death of my parent.

I will not bore you with my entire walk through this process but will share now and again.


Love the one your with.