Getting help


I am thinking I have to update my blog and be consistent in doing it. What’s on a Grown Woman’s mind today? Nothing I feel like sharing. Seems like a grumpy attitude to have! Ok, I’m going to take a deep breath and blow all that negativity away!   Oh wait…. I do want to share with you what I’m learning in a grief sharing workshop I decided to attend. The Grand Poobah has been gone for a year and I thought I had grieved, I’m good; I’m back on track now my life moves ahead. However, on the one year anniversary I surprisingly felt such a hole in my heart an overwhelming missing of my dad. I thought to myself – it’s been a year, all was going well, why now has this overwhelming missing grabbed hold of me. Everyone I thought to talk to about this – like a sister, brother, The Grand Dame all have their own lose to deal with so it wasn’t comfortable turning to them. When this new ministry was mentioned at church, I thought I’d join up and talk to others who have experience a lost and like me trying to get through it. I want answers about this grieving process. I know everyone does it in their own way and their own time. There may be no rhyme or reason but there has to a common thread. My desire is to help myself and hopefully gain enough knowledge to someday be able to share, support and help someone else. Week one was good – everyone shared their personal stories of loss.  Week two, I had my own “ah ha” moment. Next post I’ll share just what made me say hmmmmm.

Still Running

Our newest family athlete cross country runner is improving each track meet he participates in. He’s learning some valuable life lessons. He’s been practicing, drinking water, trying to eat better and focusing on what it takes to get better at his sport of choice. I have to give it to him; his determination to get across the finish line is admirable. He’s focused and unwavering. He’s proud of the effort he’s putting in and seeing the results of that effort however small is rewarding. This Grown Woman read that Grandmother is proud, even when most of the other parents and spectators are on their way home and we’re still there waiting for our runner to come in. We cheer him on to the finish line and we’re happy that he didn’t give up along the way!

This past meet he again upgraded his time. He still has a ways to go before he’ll place in at number 3, 2 or 1. But he’s having fun and learning lessons to boot, plus he has his whole family out there every meet cheering, clapping, encouraging the whole team – but most especially him; can’t ask more than for that.

Keep running – Run, Forrest, Run!!


I do not love the world of retail. Although all the pressure is off, by that I mean it not my primary source of income. I thought I’d relax into it and enjoy it, but am I really enjoying it? That verdict is still out. I guess I’ll see after I begin to feel comfortable with all the processes.  In the mean time I need to re-hone my time management skills. How quickly I’ve forgotten what it takes to get up and out to work.

It’s been really busy around here. Sports season has begun. To introduce us back into the world of  “supporting sports family” my middle grandson is running cross country track. This is his launch into organized school sports. I remember all too well – junior high, high school, junior varsity, and varsity. Practices, games, parent assignments for team snacks, parent booster clubs, Ugh!

My daughter stayed busy from Jr. High through High School. She played two sports and to make it more exciting for me they always overlapped plus she was in the Marching Band. So it went like this – beginning the school year -Marching Band in reality band practice started about a month before school. Right after band season – Basketball, then in the spring it was Basketball and Soccer together for a few weeks, with Soccer ending the school year. Whew…. I don’t know who was happier to welcome in summer vacation. But the exhale was short lived because summer brought on Basketball Camps and AAU Basketball practice and games.

I only had one child and I was tired/overwhelmed with practice pickups and being present at each and every game. And the cutting up of what seemed like hundreds of oranges and bagging then in zip lock baggies. All of that I now leave to his parents, The Semi Grown Woman/Handsome Son-in-law to do. I just come out to support, yell and scream as he runs by.

So…back to our runner – he’s had a rude awaking. He thought this whole running thing was going to be easy. As he’s been known to say “running is my strength, I’m very good at it”. At the first met one hundred and six  7th grade boys ran – he cross the finish line as the 105th runner. All I can say is h-u-m-b-l-i-n-g. But to he’s defense he stayed in the race and finished. He learned a great lesson on what it takes to run a race. The next meet he came in with the last group but again he stayed the course and finish and this time increased he’s time by six minutes. We’re encouraged and he it too. Another meet is scheduled in a couple of days.

Run, Forrest, run!!


TGIF    That was a favorite Friday sentiment in the midst of following a career, climbing the proverbial ladder, putting your all into working Monday thru Friday. Then came “retirement”  Wheeeew……a time to exhale and enjoy a new freedom ride.

Screeeech……….this Grown Woman decided to take a detour and change up the blueprint.  I took a part time seasonal position.  My criteria for a “job opportunity” at this stage of my life – the Grown Woman stage, was that it had to be fun, strictly part time, no stress, no management of people or processes, fun, no stress, no Sundays  or evenings, did I mention fun/no stress? So the fun part is – it’s a shoe store. I love, love, love shoes – seeing and working with so many of them is fun. And of course now that I’m in a region where it snows I need boots! And indubitably you can never have enough shoes. So this Grown Woman started working again think d-i-s-c-o-u-n-t!  The atmosphere and staff in this store is great, even though there are probably only two or three women who have achieved Semi- Grown Women status the others are high school/college age and I’m the reigning Grown Woman!

Now I’d be amiss if I said I’m waking up rearing to go to work. Nah.. The mind is willing but the body…. ???? I’m no stranger to retail, the workout you get with the constant walking and standing.  I was a retail manager for 10+ years I loved it, However, it became very difficult working nights, early mornings, weekends and holidays while single handedly raising a child. So I had to move on and seek different non-retail  opportunities and found my passion, gifts and talents in office administration. That was some thirty years ago. My – time sure does fly by.

Never-the-less, I’m giving it an honest try and putting a 100% into doing a great job. We will see how it shakes out.

Life is precious and fleeting – enjoy every moment.