I said it again……

This week I promised myself to get started again on an exercise program. This week I have to stick to it. This week I have to stick to it. I needed to type that twice :-  ).

The YMCA has a “Silver Sneakers” program. Yup… the Silver Sneaker Program is designed for the active Grown Woman or Grown Man. I’m going to sign up. I feel so out of shape at this point – I’m not sure I’ll even be able to keep up with a senior program. But I can’t let that deter or stall my decision to get going this week. This week I have to stick to it!


Today, encourage someone with a smile, a hug, a compliment.

Happy Easter

He is risen. Enjoy this beautiful Easter Sunday

Am I That Old?

It’s March 31, 2014 – they say “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”. This 2014 March lion has so far not revealed a lamb; at least not here in the Midwest. I thought I bared the winter relatively well. But, now I’m beginning to unravel. I need to see some signs that spring is on the way! I take that back… there are some signs that spring is on the way. I guess for me it’s just not happening fast enough. It’s still cold! OK … that’s going to be the extent of my complaining for today!

Tomorrow is April fool’s day.  Should I construct a plan to fool the boys? I think not because they will not get it nor will they think it funny. When I was a kid in school we’d get a big kick out of playing jokes on people on April 1st.  But times have changed. Recently I gave my baby g- boy a couple of old pagers. I had to explain what a pager was and how it was used to all 3 boys.  In that explanation I mentioned that we would go to the nearest pay phone and return the calls. Uh…ooh I’m in deep now…’ cause the next question was “what’s a pay phone?” then “what does a phone booth look like”. Can you believe it? waaay back in my day you actually stuck your finger into a rotary dial turned it around to dial a number… you guessed it- “ what is a rotary dial?” OMG am I really that old?  Then out of the bluemy little g-boy asked if I knew Henry Ford. Ok, that’s it….I’m  aging way too fast. This retirement thing which involves spending quality time with my g-kids is a hoot!  Gotta love ‘em.

Grandchildren are the sunshine of life.

Today I had the pleasure of spending the day with my youngest grandson. He’s been dealing with an asthma issue since the day before so Mom wanted him to rest, take it easy today and get better. He came to my home with his breathing machine, his netbook and a zillion questions.

Over the weekend I created a list of tasks and a few projects I want to complete this week. Here it is Wednesday…. its coming to a close and I’ve only cross through two tasks.

My baby boy is quite the talker. He’s a wordsmith with an extensive vocabulary. He always has a lot to say and even more questions to ask. So I knew it was going to be a challenge to get anything done on my list today. I did however have a couple of tricks up my sleeve. In my old house he had a toy bin that he liked to pull out and play with the all the toys whenever he visited. Today I gave a few clues and had him look for the bin. Since he’s last seen it I’ve added some new toys plus three or four pairs of inexpensive sunglasses. Like his grandmother he loves sunglasses in different colors and shapes. Of course he found it and was having a great time reminiscing with the old toys and discovering the new. I thought while he was occupied it would be a good time for me to quickly stich up a couple of throw pillow covers.

That lasted a few minuets before he was by my side asking how, why and where did I get a sewing machine.  He wanted to learn how to sew, he wanted to learn how the machine works and had a ton of other questions.  So out goes the list.  We spent the afternoon sewing on the sewing machine. He had a blast and was so proud of his practice piece which was just lines and lines of stitches and the other piece of material where he stitched his initial.

I didn’t get very much accomplished on my list BUT I did spend a wonderful day with a cute little boy who melts my heart.

Grandkids and the sunshine of life!