Road Trip!

We took that long road trip with all four grandchildren. Thank the Lord it was safe travel. We arrived/returned without a scratch. thank you Jesus. However, it was still quite an experience. Going - it took 18 hours when it should have taken 12 -13 hours.  Why you ask? – Because, The Princess had to “go potty” every two hours or less. Every time we stopped, all the children got out to go to the bathroom in hopes that each time it would be the last time.

Again , just short of a full year, my family gathered together to say goodbye to a loved one. Unlike last August when we said goodbye to the Grand Poopah we only spent two days before heading back. This time we made the trip back in 14 ½ hours.  We still had to stop more than we would have liked.

Our family is looking forward to getting together again soon this time for a joyous occasion – a wedding - in a few weeks. If I get the opportunity to come back you can be sure it will be via airplane.

Peace out!


I can do this!

Welcome August!

As a kid I couldn’t wait for August to roll around. For the first two weeks I’d be on a high anticipating my birthday in the third week. But then too I’d be a little sad because the day after my birthday would begin a countdown to “back to school”! In those day’s school started after Labor Day.

This year begins the indelible memories of the passing of my dad, the day before my sisters birthday and the funeral on my birthday… and now adding the passing of my uncle to the mix! My uncle actually passed in July but his home going service was pushed back two week  to accommodate his out of state children’s need to make travel arrangements. We will celebrate the funeral in August a couple of days before the 1st anniversary of the Grand Poobah’s passing.   Sigh!!!!

So we’re off to take that long car ride. Yeah the one I said I’d never take again. That’ll teach me to never say never! I’m going to try to relax enjoy the scenery and the ride. Even though 4 hours is the maximum time I prefer to spend in a car and we’re going for 3 x that. Oh my……..  I’ve got a couple of new books and a movie downloaded on my Kindle and I‘ve tucked my eye mask into my bag. I can do this! So, with four grandchildren, my beautiful Semi Grown Woman daughter and my handsome son-in-law.   I  C A N   D O  T H I S!!!!!  Romans  4:17 …………the God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not.

Keep us in your prayers going and coming back!

Peace out!

July 28, 2014

It’s been a long reflective week. It seems so crazy to me that we my generation of siblings and cousins are becoming the seniors in our family. How could that be? Where has the time gone?  We were the kids happy and carefree at our family gatherings. My mom and dad, aunts and uncles were the seniors! Now we bring the food, and sit around the table talking, while the “kids” are getting a game plan together to go out somewhere.

My grandson recently asked me if I thought about being old when I was his age.  Yep…… I guess to him  I’m old.  And no … I did not think about getting old – I did think about getting older. Old enough to drive, go on dates, work and have my own money, etc. But getting old nah….. I told him you never think about being old until you are actual old!  Although recently retired, noticing a little stress in my knees, lack of desire/or need to go out on the weekends just because it’s the weekend, I still don’t give a lot of thought to being older. I try not to be cliché with the infamous saying “age is but a number” because sometimes age is a realty and you have to face it straight on in times like these when you have to say goodbye to yet another loved one who you’ve considered a senior in your family.

I’m just rambling so I will stop here. As my mom says “Just keep living you will see”

Love, Peace and Sooul!   You only get that if you are of a certain age!  LOL

July 22, 2014

Today was my baby grandson’s ninth birthday. He and his big brother celebrated this past weekend with a family cookout/party. He’s ecstatic because he received a little cell phone. He’s been calling everyone he can think of and for him that’s a limited number of people. I’ve gotten about 3 of 4 calls so far.

Today has also marked another death in my family. My uncle – my Dad’s baby and much loved brother, made his transition heaven. Although we know he was diagnosed with cancer of the knee never heard of that before. My brothers visited with him the night before and thought even though he had some pain he was doing well – so you can imagine their surprise when notified the next morning that he had died. When diagnosed with the illness he chose not to do the chemotherapy but to just do the comfort care therapy. My heart goes out to my cousins. I truly know the path they’re walking right now is not an easy one. I still mourn my dad’s passing and have been rather anxious about the upcoming one year reminder.

For my siblings and me my uncle was the “favorite uncle” that was always present in our life doing our growing up years. He and my Dad were close. Having lost their mother when my dad was about 13 and my uncle 2 or 3 years old, my dad always held him close and I guess you can say had a major hand in raising him.  Out of my Dad’s nine siblings there is only one left, he’s in a nursing home and suffering with dementia.

I honestly do not want to go through this whole process again! I don’t want to gather together with my siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews under these circumstances. I do not want to go to New England.  I do not want to say goodbye. I do not want to sit in the church we grow up in and the church my dad pastored until his death.  But in my head I hear my Dad telling me to go, to get over myself and support my family. I will make whatever sacrifice necessary to take the trip and represent my Dad in a positive manner at the “Home going Celebration” of his beloved youngest brother.


For me – Proverbs 3: 5-6